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The questions are answered by Andrew Matsyuk, CEO of MTO studio
Hello, my name is Andrew Matsyuk, I am MTO studio owner and CEO. I was born and raised in Tyumen, Western Siberia, Russia. I’ve been interested in programming since my childhood and took part in competitive programming contests during high school. Real-world tasks, however, were more interesting to me than contest problems even then. Before finishing school I started developing software for real customers, created my personal website and a website for my school. When I was 17, after taking part in a research and practice conference...
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I do not really know what kinds of websites exist, but I need a quality website that would have all the features I need, no online shop for now. What would be the full cost in such case? — 129 400 rub. the price of a quality website developed specifically for your needs. Details on what is included in the price are available in the «Website development» section, you can order the website by filling the form in the «Order website» section.
What do I need to order a website? — You just need to fill out the order form in the «Order website» section.
How can I get a discount, do you offer discounts at all? — Yes, we have several types of discounts. However, we need a reason to offer you one. Can you offer us something in return? If we have high work load we can offer you a discount if you agree to shift the project deadline. Or vice versa: we can offer you a discount in periods when we are not getting enough orders to keep us busy. If you have an exact technical specification for the website you need and you have a ready-to-use brand book this will simplify the development so we will be able to offer a discount. In any case, we’ll need to discuss the subject together and I am sure we can find a solution that suits you.
How long have you been working in website development? — Everything is relative. But I guess it would be correct to say that we do this for a long time by now. I’ve been working in website development for more than 15 years myself. If you would like to learn more about my career path you can find this information in the «About CEO» section.
What or who exactly is MTO studio? What legal entity this is and where are you officially located/incorporated? — MTO studio is a small team of professionals who are located in separate cities. You can read more about us in the «About MTO studio» section. Legally, MTO studio is a trademark associated with Matsyuk Andrey Nikolaevich sole proprietorship in Russia, you can find all the legal details for Matsyuk Andrey sole proprietorship and the certificate of state registration in the «Legal aspects» section. If you are interested, you can also find my short biography in the «About CEO» section. Legal and postal address for MTO studio is «Moskovskiy trakt, 161/84, Tyumen, Russia, 625049». The address is only used to receive mail, we do not have an office or a representative in any city. You can find all the required contact information in the «Contact us» section.
How precisely do you meet project deadlines? How do you guarantee this? What happens if my website is not delivered on time? — We deliver the projects within one business day from the deadline and we can guarantee this. Item 2.2.2 of our contract specifies that final payment is reduced by US $14 for every business day the project is delayed. Thus, if the website delivery is delayed for any reason, we will always notify you in advance and reduce the price by US $14 for every day of the delay.
Can I pay for the website in regular installments? — Yes, sometimes this is possible. If at a particular moment we do not experience high work load, we can afford to use such payment scheme for projects with the total cost of US $1500 or more. Please fill out the form in the «Order website» section and specify that you would like to pay in installments in the «Please describe the website you’d like us to develop» field.
How much does further support of a website cost? Can the initially stated price of the website change during the development? — No, the price of the website never changes during the development, it is stated in the contract and includes all the required services. We do not require any payment for further support, we do not even have such a service as «maintenance» on our list. However, your website will be run in a data center of a specialized hosting company and this company charges a fee for its services. This fee is usually a few dollars per month.
Do you provide maintenance services for website? — The answer depends on what you mean by «maintenance». If this is enhancements to the existing website, some changes to your website that you need, then yes, this is one of our main services, you can get a quote for your particular case by submitting a request in the «Services for existing websites» section. Website maintenance always implies some kind of other service since a website does not experience any kind of wear and tear, there is no need for periodic preventive maintenance or anything of this sort.
You will offer us two website mockups. What happens if do not like either one? — I’ll describe what happens in such a case in a moment, but let me first digress a little bit first. This situation is perfectly normal, this happens. Of course, we prepare the first two mockups according to your requirements, but sometimes it is really hard to come up with a version that suits one’s taste, especially when the look and feel is in question. Most often the client is completely satisfied with one of the initial mockups, but situations like the one you described also exist. Most likely it will be not the entire mockup but only some particular solutions used in it that will not suit you. We will keep the parts you like intact and redesign the ones you do not like. And we will repeat the process until you like the entire mockup. No matter if five, ten or twenty such redesigns might be required, we’ll do them for you.
What content management system (website engine) do you use for new websites? — Most often we use Drupal core for new websites (in particular cases we might use Laravel framework), however, all the user-facing services and the administrative interface will be implemented using our own components that are based on Drupal core API. To be exact we use Drupal as a framework. This allows us to create fast and secure websites that any professional software developer can easily extend and improve further, and makes the development process easier and consequently faster and cheaper.
Will I be able to edit the website and add new content myself? — Yes, our websites have the most intuitive and convenient administrative panel. We provide a detailed manual on editing your website and unlimited phone and email support, but you will be able to edit your website without consulting the manual or asking for our help – it is indeed quite a simple task. You can easily change any information in any section of your website, add new sections, create professionally looking photo galleries by just uploading the photos, add videos and downloadable files to your pages, and use many more features.
I need the cheapest possible website, no design, modules or anything like that required. Is this possible? — There is no such thing as a website without any design or modules. There are websites with very simple and inconspicuous design but the effort required to create such a design is no less than is needed for a complex and stunning one. There are also websites with disgusting design where information and graphical elements are placed on a page without any logic or pattern. Do you want a disgusting site? We guess, no. But even if the answer is «yes», we produce good websites only. Undoubtedly, creating a good website requires completion of a lot of different tasks, we have described these in much detail in the «Website development» section. If, however, you know what can be skipped in your particular case while still getting a good website, please state this in the order form and we will do our best to decrease the price if this is possible.
I have an idea on how to improve some workflows for my business, can you offer me something in this case and estimate the cost of development of the required software or something of this sort? — Yes, we have a special contact for in the «Software development» section for this purpose. Using it we can start such a negotiation: you will describe in more detail what you need, and we will offer different solution options and estimate the cost of each.